ActiveDays Toronto

ActiveDays is a vibrant community of diverse nature lovers who adventure the wild woods of Ontario together!

Fall Colours at awenda

Enjoy a relaxing day hiking the trails and lounging on the gorgeous beaches at Awenda Provincial Park.

October 13

Earth Run and Fall Festival - Rouge National Urban Park

In celebration of the proud and enduring legacy of Indigenous athleticism, Rouge National Urban Park invites visitors to move through the fall colours, get active and enjoy an array of cultural programming throughout the day.

October 19

Algonquin Day trip - Centennial Ridges

Just past the peak colour season ActiveDays will head to Algonquin to take on this 10k intermediate hiking trail. Great views, great excercise and good times in the outdoors!

Sunday, October 27

Group Hike Mono Cliffs Provincial Park

This destination is a Parkbus favourite. with beautiful, diverse landscapes, lookout views and great hiking.

October 19

Community Conservation Day at Happy Valley Forest

Spend a day with pals giving back to the land with ActiveDays and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (10$)

October 26

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